Projects are activities which, like a Banyon Tree, need a bit of time to grow. For instance they might take a day or two, or they might run for weeks – for example, keeping a log of birds at your bird feeder. Some projects may have been posted before coronavirus restrictions tightened, so always check before starting that the project is safe to undertake. We’ll be adding new projects as the coronavirus lockdown progresses.

Featured Project

Make your own vegetable garden

Vegetable Garden

Growing your own food is enormous fun, and if you have a garden the lock down shouldn’t stop you. Even if you didn’t buy seeds before the lockdown, you can likely get them in the supermarket with your weekly shop. Brendan Smith’s specially written guide tells you exactly what you need to do to grow onions, potatoes and lettuces.

Download the full instructions: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Food in March/April

All Projects

  • Ladybird Lodge

    We’ve been a bit quiet over the last few weeks with semester descending upon us, but nature hasn’t gone away. I’m sure that you’ve all noticed the sudden drop in temperature this week as the seasons change. Lots of animals will be changing their behaviour to get themselves safely through the winter months. One group of animals that we’re all familiar with that will be getting ready to hibernate is ladybirds. Here’s a lovely video from the Natural History Museum in London showing how to make a Ladybird Lodge to see them through the winter.

    If you want more detailed instructions, or you want to know a bit more about ladybirds, you can go the NHM’s webpages.

    You might also like to check out our previous blogpost on ladybirds.

  • Nature diary Aug-Sept

    We’re really in late summer now. The mornings are cooler and we are starting to use lights in the evenings! There is still lots of insect life in the garden though and lots of wild flowers blooming. Do you have a regular walking route by a river or through a park where you can watch the seasons changing? Our nature diary shows you what to look out for this fortnight depending on where you are in the country. Check out the Nature Diary for 27th August – 9th September to find out what you might see, smell and hear over the next fortnight.

  • Nature Diary Late August

    Although time is passing, and there is much change, there are many sights, and smells and sounds all around us. As we move into the latter half of August, we can start to spot seasonal changes, with elderberries ripening. There are still many insects about. While some are seldom seen, there are hints to their presence and activity. Sometimes we are struck by the colour or the pattern on a plant or animal. And sometimes it’s just about the amazing and unexpected appearance or shape of things in Nature. Check out the Nature Diary for 13th – 26th August to find out what you might see, smell and hear over the next fortnight.

  • Wildlife Art – Drawing Animals for children

    Drawing animals for kids is a lot of fun but drawing animals together is also a powerful way to learn.

    Taking some time to analyse a wildlife image first and you can learn a lot about the animals in your picture together before you even put pencil to paper!

    Drawing animals for Kids & with Kids

    Grab one of your animal photography books and let your child skim through its page until they find something they want to draw.

    An important step to talk about the subject of your image before you start drawing. The best part about drawing is to take your time, and notice all the features closely and carefully to help you replicate it on paper.

    Questions to ask before you start drawing

    Here’s some more general questions you can ask your child before drawing from a wildlife image:

    What animal is it?
    What’s the animal doing? Why do you think that?
    What body covering does the animal have?
    What type of animal is it? E.g. bird? Mammal? Reptile?
    Where could the animal be going?
    Is the animal happy or sad? Why do you think that?
    What’s in the background of the image or behind the animal?
    Is there anything in front of the animal?
    Why do you want to draw THIS animal?

    Take your time drawing.

    More ideas on

  • Nature Diary Early August

    Time is flying. Difficult to believe it’s time for another Nature Diary! At this time of the year, we can see young lizards and many insects on our walks. And we can hear grasshoppers. Our experiences, and connections to nature are enriched by the sights, smells, and sounds of nature, and how this makes us feel. Check out the Nature Diary for 30th July – 12th August to find out what you might see, smell and hear over the next fortnight.

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