Nature Art

Today’s post doesn’t need downloadable instructions.  Just go to your door and see what you can find from nature to make a picture.  Maybe you have sea shells or pretty stones, or maybe conkers or pine cones lying around from previous walks.  Mix them with fresh leaves and flowers and see what you can ‘draw’.  Enormous thanks to Megan Smith for these lovely pictures.

Nature Art

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Download our Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder instructions for  another activity that can be done without leaving home.  If you don’t have a garden or a yard, you may still be able to hang a bird feeder just outside a window where you can see it.  Pretty much everyone should be able to make one of these from stuff that you already have, or that can be bought from a supermarket.  Most supermarkets have bird feed too (check by the pet food).  You can improvise with any nuts but make sure they are salt free.  The plastic bottle feeder I made yesterday (in the photo) is proving to be super popular with our goldfinches, while our blue tits and coal tits seem to prefer the wire shop-bought feeder so far. What about yours? Tell us in the comments.

Leaf Rubbing

Friday 13th March was the first day of #LockDownIreland, but today is the first day of the more severe version so now we need activities that don’t involve going out even to the park.  Leaf rubbing is an activity more normally associated with autumn, when leaves are everywhere and are old and hard.  But it can be done in spring too as long as you’re gentle with those soft new leaves.  Just grab some leaves from your garden or yard (or even a pot plant!) and follow our quick guide to Leaf rubbing.

Make a vegetable garden

Ever wondered about growing your own veggies but don’t know where to start?  Look no further. Brendan Smith has written you A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Food in March/April.  It contains everything you need to know from preparing the soil, to what tools you might need, and how to keep the slugs down organically.  It doesn’t matter how little space you have – even if you don’t have an outside you can grow something in a pot indoors.