Make your own Biodiversity Trail

Ah well, back in lock down… We had eased back on posting, with kids back at school, and the workload really ramping up here as semester started, but here we are, locked down during mid-term break.

Your mid-term challenge is to make your own biodiversity trail. Biodiversity is everywhere. If you’re lucky enough to live in the country you probably realise that. But there’s biodiversity in cities too, and hunting it out is fun.

Here at NUI Galway we have our own Biodiversity Trail through the campus:

If NUI Galway is within you 5 km radius, you can explore our Biodiversity Trail. You can download a guide, or even a podcast.

But for everyone elsewhere in the country, why don’t you make your own? What are the hidden gems of wildlife in your area? Do you have any special trees? Can you find any verges or even roundabouts managed for biodiversity if you’re in the city? Can you identify the trees (our game of Tree Bingo might help you)? How may different habitats can you find? All you need to do is find 5 or 6 interesting spots, take a photo of each, and design a walking route around them. Share your hidden gems by tweeting us on @NatureAtHomeIE.

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