Wildlife Art – Drawing Animals for children

Drawing animals for kids is a lot of fun but drawing animals together is also a powerful way to learn.

Taking some time to analyse a wildlife image first and you can learn a lot about the animals in your picture together before you even put pencil to paper!

Drawing animals for Kids & with Kids

Grab one of your animal photography books and let your child skim through its page until they find something they want to draw.

An important step to talk about the subject of your image before you start drawing. The best part about drawing is to take your time, and notice all the features closely and carefully to help you replicate it on paper.

Questions to ask before you start drawing

Here’s some more general questions you can ask your child before drawing from a wildlife image:

What animal is it?
What’s the animal doing? Why do you think that?
What body covering does the animal have?
What type of animal is it? E.g. bird? Mammal? Reptile?
Where could the animal be going?
Is the animal happy or sad? Why do you think that?
What’s in the background of the image or behind the animal?
Is there anything in front of the animal?
Why do you want to draw THIS animal?

Take your time drawing.

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