Ocean Cams

It’s raining again in Galway, so today’s marine activity is an indoor one! Looking at visitor stats on the website, it looks like you all really liked the animal cams. So here today are some more, but today’s are all marine. These CAMS are all hosted on explore.org so if you want to find more of your own, that’s where to go.

The first camera is in the waters of a small island off the coast of California. This is a kelp forest in the eastern Pacific. Kelps are very large seaweeds and they really help increase biodiversity by providing homes for many small animals.

The next camera is a ‘shark cam’. This camera is on the other side of the USA, off North Carolina. So this is the other side of the Atlantic to Galway. Lots of people are afraid of sharks, but they are amazing and wonderful animals which have very few impacts on humans. To find out more about sharks, check out the Florida Museum website.

And the third camera often has killer whales in its view finder. It’s in the Johnstone Strait in British Columbia off the west coast of Canada. I only watched for a couple of minutes, and yes I did see a killer whale! It’s very unusual for killer whales to come into such shallow water, but there’s some pods in the NE Pacific that do this quite a bit.

When these cameras aren’t live, they tend to show “highlights” reels. These are great too, but be sure to check back and see if you can see live ocean fun!

Published by Louise Allcock

Professor of Zoology at NUI Galway

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