Head on a summer Stroll

Take a stroll in the woods

Summer is a wonderful time for a wander around the woods. Escape the heat and enjoy a walk under the dappled, cool shade of the tree canopy. Watch as bees and butterflies glide from flower to flower in search of nectar, and see if you can spot deer, foxes or squirrels on your way around the wood. Before you go, talk toyour children about Leave No Trace and the importance of planning for your outing. Where will you go? Are dogs allowed, where will you park if you drive? Its important to check on the weather forecast so you are prepared for any changes in the weather, Repack any picnic foods into reusable containers so you will not bring any unnecessary packaging into the outdoors.

picnic in Fingle Woods

Credit: Adam Burton / WTML

Pack a picnic

The warm, sunny days that summer supplies us with are perfect for picnicking. Get your family and friends together, adhere to social distancing and pack a picnic and head out to the woods for some food and fun! This is a great opportunity to practise your Leave No Trace principles and bring home all your waste. Just remember you can also collect any litter you see and lead by your example!

Stop and smell the flowers

During the warmer months the woods are filled with a kaleidoscope of colour. Wildflower meadows sway in the warm breeze, the sweet scent of fragrant honeysuckle fills the air and striking foxglove attracts the buzzing of bees.

Watch wildlife

The hazy days of summer are filled with the buzzing of bees, bevvies of butterflies fluttering among the wildflowers and lots of activity from other insects, including grasshoppers, beetles and ladybirds. Reptiles bask in the sun, tiny toadlets venture out of the ponds they were born in and during the evening bats abound in search of prey. Remember the Rule of Thumb – do not get too close to Wildlife.

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