Texture Walk

Texture walk: how place feels
The simple act of taking a walk—a walk with a curricular focus or purpose—can have
wonderful educational impacts. This imagination and inquiry-focused walk is
designed to alert children to different aspects of the local natural world.
Step 1
For this activity begin with a brainstorm about ways to describe how things feel to the touch—smooth, bumpy, prickly, hot, cold etc. Children might be challenged to come up with as many adjectives as they can. Perhaps assign this task ahead of time—kudos to the child who comes up with the most unusual adjective!
Step 2
Once a list has been created you head outside to explore with your children. Take your
child on a texture walk around the garden, local green space or any outside environment. There are textures everywhere!
The challenge
Their challenge is to find something that matches each descriptor. They can record what
they find that matches each adjective and maybe even take a photo of an item to show the rest of their family. Remember to practice the Leave No Trace Principle of ‘Leave what you find’.
Wrap up
Give your child an opportunity to share what they found. Encourage them to classify some of the textures. For example, which were pleasing? Surprising? Curious? Unusual? They can identify additional categories.
This lesson is perfect for ages 5-12, with flexibility to increase to the challenge through the vocabulary list and related tasks. It can contribute to learning objectives in English, science, arts or other subjects, with options to extend the learning through tasks in creative writing, art projects and flora/fauna identification.

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