Pond Dipping for Nature Detectives

Everyone loves pond dipping – catching minibeasts, tiny fish and tadpoles is so much fun!

Going pond dipping is a bit like carrying out a scientific experiment! What will you discover, who will spot the biggest animal, will you find more frogs or fish…? Turn your pond dipping adventure into a scientific experiment by making some predictions about what you might find, use the attached worksheets from the Woodland Trust to help you.

Don’t forget to record what you actually found. Were your predications correct?

Maybe you could be a real scientist and compare your predictions with what you spotted – were you right?

Before you go on your pond dipping adventure, there are a few t hings you need to know:

Water can be dangerous, so it’s important to stay safe. Remember – don’t go in the water (not even if you drop something!).

Remember to leave no trace of your visit – bring home any litter, do not remove any of the creatures that live in the water or around the pond and do not disturb their natural habitat.

Have fun and stay safe by the water.

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