Fun in the Intertidal Zone- a Virtual Visit

We just can’t get enough of the amazing intertidal zone! Have you ever taken notice of what species you see more than any other species on the rocky seashore? … there can be so many of them that you probably even stop noticing them! And how many legs does a decapod have?!

For today all you need is a pen and paper to take notes, watch Mairead share her love of the ocean and learn all about the animals you can find there.

When you are watching the video pay attention to specific information regarding conditions in the rocky intertidal zone and to adaptations organisms have for survival.

After watching, make a list of factors that might influence your life if you live in a shoreline area. These might include: salinity, heat, moisture, predation, finding food, sunlight, etc.

If you live within 5km of the shore, why not take a visit there today and see how many animals you can find and see how many you can name after watching this video and remember where ever you go to ‘Leave no trace’ of your visit, do not leave litter behind and leave all pebbles, shells or animals on the seashore.


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