Design your dream park

We know that parks and green spaces help us all stay physically fit and mentally well. We must all change how we enjoy these spaces right now though, and whilst our access is more limited you can still enjoy your local outdoor spaces if they are within 5km of your home.

We all know that noticing and being out in nature can have a beneficial effect on a child’s sense of wellbeing. Play and creativity can be a way for children to make sense of the changed world around them. It is also important for children to learn at an early age to respect nature.

We know it’s not as good as playing on the swings in a sunny park, but until we can all go out and meet our friends again, we hope these resources give your children the chance to have fun, remember what you all enjoy about your local park and get creative designing the park of their dreams! We would love if you could share your designs with us. Email to

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