Tree Bingo

Here’s a game you can play against your friends and neighbours. Take different routes each day on your daily walk (you can now go as far as 5 km) and see who’s first to win our tree bingo. Who can get a row first? How many rows can you get? Can you get them all?

Download a pdf of the Tree Bingo board here: Tree Bingo

There are 16 native Irish trees on the board, and four common non-natives (each marked with an asterisk). And for each tree on our bingo board, we’ve put together a handy identification guide.

Of course you will see many many more tree species than this on your walks. The tree council of Ireland lists all of Ireland’s native trees and tells you a bit about them on their website here:

But lots of the trees that you see are not native. The Natural History Museum in London has put together a fantastic key to trees, which you can use to try and identify other trees that aren’t on our bingo board. You can download it here:
NHM Tree Identification Key.

Why not log your tree sightings on the iNaturalist app which we posted about previously. iNaturalist will also help you identify your trees if you’re stuck.

All the downloads together:
Bingo Board
Guide to trees on the Bingo Board
NHM Tree Identification key

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