Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife Learn the Rule of Thumb

Learn how you can practise the Leave No Trace principle of Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife:

Audience: All ages.

Time: 30 minutes.

Materials: N/A

Leave No Trace Objective: To help participants understand ways in which they may be disrespectful of farm animals and wildlife.

Directions: First, imagine if you had a guest in your house who ate all the food, left rubbish on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink, chased you around the house, walked on the carpet with dirty shoes, etc. Adults can explain that, when we visit the outdoors, we have a responsibility to treat animals’ homes with respect.

Next, pick your favourite wild animal. Describe how they (the animal) would feel if it were shown disrespect by humans. Tell your parents what that animal would say if it could speak its mind. Examples: a bird that had its nest disturbed, a cow that could not find its calf because someone left the gate open in the field when out walking, a sheep who was chased by a dog. Think now about how humans could have behaved in a way that would have shown respect.

Watch this video from Leave No Trace America and learn the rule of thumb, this is an easy way for you to learn how you can protect farm animals and wildlife and keep your distance.


Make a list of other ways humans can disrespect farm animals and wildlife and what then think about how they could change their behaviour and show respect. Share the rule of thumb with all your friends and when you are out walking within your 5km limit, practise the Leave No Trace principle.

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