How does the ocean circulate: part 3

In previous kitchen experiments we’ve looked at how Temperature and Salinity (saltiness) affect the movement of the waters in the world’s oceans. We also looked at how the moon affects tides. If you missed those posts, maybe you’d like to check them out first:
How does the ocean circulate Part 1 (Temperature)
How does the ocean circulate Part 2 (Salinity)
Moon Watch

Today’s oceanography sheet puts it all together and explains how these factors and others cause water to circulate all around the world. It’s really important the water keeps circulating bringing nutrients up from the deep and keeping all the waters full of oxygen, and bringing cooler and /or warmer waters to different parts of the globe regulating climate. Did you know that Ireland is warmer than it should be, because of warm ocean currents? We’re further north than Newfoundland in Canada, but much much warmer!

So check out our oceanography sheet which includes some excellent videos explaining ocean circulation and climate change:
How does the ocean circulate Part 3 (The round up!)

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