Exploring your seashore virtually

This Scoil na Mara video with Leave No Trace Ireland Trainer Mairead brings learners on a seashore exploration to discover some interesting facts about animals that are commonly found on the rocks. This video evokes a fascination for and connection with nature and seashore biodiversity. Inspired by a love and fascination for the sea, Mairead from Scoil na Mara ,West Cork has created this brilliant video to help promote awareness and protection of the ocean and the wonders that surround the Irish coastline.

Watch the video and write a story about a limpet, a dog whelk and a mussel who all live on the same rock on the seashore, and they are all friends!

  • Use the words learned and noted whilst watching the video to reinforce learning about the diversity of feeding methods: filter feeder / grazer/ predator.
  • Make reference to where on the rock each of the animals live: home scar /
    between the rocks / attached by byssus threads.
  • Why not develop a personality for the animals to encourage empathy with living creatures. Give the animals fun names. Perhaps the dog whelk could decide to become a vegan because he doesn’t want to eat his friends?!
  • The exercise could be adapted to be done as a rhyme or rap!
  • For younger students the exercise can be abridged to be one line about each animal.
  • Draw a picture to go with the story.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuSKcSpwjro&w=560&h=315]

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