Live Deep-sea Dives

Over the last few years, some of the well-funded research vessels have started broadcasting their deep-sea ROV dives live on the internet. What’s a ROV? It’s a remotely operated vehicle – a mini un-manned submarine, usually decked out with high quality cameras, that’s used by scientists to explore the ocean depths.

During the lockdown, the research vessel Falkor has kept its crew on board, and the scientists are directing operations from the shore. When the ROV is in the water, we can all watch. You’ll find their live stream here:

RV Falkor Live broadcast

The ROV is not in the water 24/7 so check back regularly to see if they’re live broadcasting.

Several other ships live broadcast ROV dives, including RV Okeanos Explorer, and RV Nautilus. At the moment, RV Okeanos is intermittently rebroadcasting some of its previous dives. Today, May 5th at 10am EDT (that’s 3pm in Ireland), they’re rebroadcasting a dive from 2017 from waters of Hawaii. In their own words: “During this 2017 dive, our remotely operated vehicle made three passes through the water column at depths between 300 and 1,000 meters (984 and 3,280 feet). There we observed a diversity of incredible siphonophores, jellyfish, ctenophores, shrimp, squid and so much more!” Join them at this link today at 3pm:

RV Okeanos Explorer dive rebroadcast 3pm (Irish summer time) May 5th

RV Nautilus isn’t going to sea until July, but you can check out highlights of previous expeditions here.

Ireland has a deep-sea ROV. It’s named Holland I, after John Philip Holland who invented the submarine. It’s deployed from RV Celtic Explorer, but we don’t have the capability to broadcast the dives live yet.

Inside the ROV control room on board RV Celtic Explorer

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