Reel Life Science Competition

Every year an amazing Team at NUI Galway run the Reel Life Science competition. All you have to do is make a 1 minute video on any science subject. The Reel Life Science team have made some suggestions on their website but only to give you inspiration: you can choose absolutely any science topic you like. So why not choose nature? What nature activity inspired you the most? Did it involve zoology (animals), botany (plants), or the environment? The Reel Life Science team have produced:

A handy pdf of everything you need to know to enter
A storyboarding guide to help you plan your video

So why not head over to their website and learn more about it:

Check out the resources at for help on the technical side of making a video with your phone and editing apps.

Or just enjoy watching some of the previous entries and winners. Your video will need to shorter than these, because Reel Life Science has cut down the time limit this year to make it easier to make videos at home. Deadline for entries is May 29th 2020.

Some past Reel Life Science Winners




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