Animal Cams

Last week, we featured the amazing Sea Eagle Web Cam at Glengariff and a few other birdcams. Today we’ve a selection of mammal cams for you! The best animal cams are those that show the animals in the wild, but of course, you often get less activity on them (unless you put them in a nest or den). Here’s some of the most active ones we’ve found.

This webcam is from the Tau Game Lodge in the Madikwe Game Reserve on the northern border of South Africa where it meets Botswana. This webcam looks over the Tau Waterhole and, if you’re lucky, you may see elephants, giraffes, lions, and wild dogs.

You can watch bears in Transylvania…

Or racoons in a backyard in South Carolina…

If you can’t see enough action on those cameras, try some of the ones at zoos and wildlife parks. I can’t seem to embed the footage from Dublin Zoo, but you can check out their webcams of elephants, penguins and giraffes here. Or you could a whole series of webcams in San Diego Zoo. Or maybe you prefer to watch these cute little Giant Pandas in China….


Published by Louise Allcock

Professor of Zoology at NUI Galway

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