Backyard Biodiversity

Today’s post is about an initiative by the National Biodiversity Data Centre called Backyard Biodiversity. The Biodiversity Data Centre is asking you to check your gardens and back yards for 20 easy to identify species, and to send in your findings to them. They’ve produced a really beautiful page of pictures to make it really easy to identify the creatures and then you can submit your records through this link. You can submit records every day, so that the data centre gets a picture of how the inhabitants of your garden change through time. I’ve only seen a few of the creatures on their list so far this year (sparrows, starlings and peacock butterflies), and I probably won’t get them all in my city garden, but I know I’ll see a few more – especially some of the bees and bugs – in the coming weeks!

Download: Identification Sheet
Submission link: here

Published by Louise Allcock

Professor of Zoology at NUI Galway

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