Make Space for Bees!

Did you know that Ireland has 99 different species of bee? One species we know and love is the Honeybee that lives in beehives. Bumble bees are the big fuzzy ones – we have 21 different species of those and they live in nests in the long grass and hedges. But most of our bees are solitary species, meaning they live on their own either in cracks in trees or walls or in little burrows in the soil!

Bees are very important pollinators for many of our wild flowers and trees as well as fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, many of our wild bees are in trouble as we have less wild flowers and spaces for them to nest in towns and the countryside.

We can all make some space for bees at at home, school and work. Even a small garden or a balcony or a window box can provide food or shelter for bees, butterflies and other important pollinating insects. Here is a short video with some ideas for simple things that you can do to make your space more bee friendly.


Video produced by and shared with the permission of the Heritage Office of Galway County Council

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan has LOTS of information and activities that you can do to learn more about pollinators and make your space better for bees and all their insect buddies!

Download your copy of this handy booklet with information about making homes for pollinators.

Featured Image (top) is “Bombus terrestris V” by schnappischnap and is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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