Who Am I? An Animal Guessing Game

Activity: Learn about Irish wildlife through a simple guessing game
Learning Objectives: Investigate Irish wildlife and farm animals and how we can respect them in the natural environment
Links to Curriculum:
SESE Geography Strand: Natural Environments, Strand Unit: The Local Natural Environment
SESE Science Strand: Living Things, Strand Unit: Plants and Animals
SESE Geography and Science Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care, Strand Unit: Caring for My Locality
Time: 30 mins
Materials: A list of the Who Am I? Questions included below, an image of each animal, crayons, colouring pencils or markers


  1. Explain to children that you will be playing a guessing game about animals, and you are going to draw the answers on your sheet
  2. Have a copy of each animal.
  3. Read through the clues with the children and they have to guess what animal it is and draw them on their sheet.
  4. Read through each riddle below, give the children a few minutes after each one to guess what the animal is and to draw it in on their sheet.
  5. Talk with them about what the answer is.
  6. Have they ever seen any of these animals before? If so where did they see them? How did it make them feel? (e.g. surprised, excited)

I live in an underground tunnel system called a sett,
I am a nocturnal animal which means I only come out at night,
I eat slugs, beetles and lots of earthworms!
You would recognise me by the white stripe that runs down my head
Answer: Badger

I make my home in woodlands and hedgerows,
I like munching on all types of bugs: worms, slugs, earwigs and spiders,
I am a nocturnal animal so you won’t see me out during the day,
You would recognise me by my prickly exterior!
Answer: Hedgehog

I am an arboreal animal which means I spend most of my time in trees,
I even make my nest in trees but I’m not a bird!
I have sharp front teeth that I use to split hazelnuts and tease seeds out of pinecones,
I have a long bushy tail that helps me keep my balance when I’m running up and down trees!
Answer: Squirrel

My name in Irish, Madra Uisce, means water dog,
As my name suggests I am an excellent swimmer!
I make my home on riverbanks, lakeshores and coastal areas,
I love munching on fish, eels and frogs
Answer: Otter

I am an amphibian which means I am cold blooded,
I make my home in nice moist places such as ponds, marshes or long grass,
My long back legs mean I am an excellent jumper!
Answer: Frog

I have no arms or legs!
I live in tunnels I create in the soil,
Although I have no eyes, my body can sense changes in light,
I eat the remains of leaves and plants in the soil
Answer: Earthworm

You can usually find me on a farm,
I have a thick fleece on my body that keeps me nice and warm in winter,
I even star in several well-known nursery rhymes!
Answer: Sheep

Is it important to protect animals? Why?
Are there actions we can take to respect farm animals and wildlife when using the outdoors?


Download a resource sheet with everything you need to play the game: Who am I? Animal Guessing Game

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