Garden Birdwatching

Since I posted the instructions for making a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder, I’ve been searching for a free downloadable guide to Irish garden birds. Such a thing is amazingly difficult to find. Then, lo and behold, in my Twitter feed this morning came exactly what I was looking for. The wonderful people at the Cork branch of Birdwatch Ireland have produced two perfect posters Irish Garden Birds in English, and Irish Garden Birds as Gaeilge. What’s more, they’re having a competition from 4th 11th April 2020 and all you have to do is identify and count the birds in your garden. So if you don’t already have a bird feeder, make one, and then join in their competition. If you’re reading this after the competition, you can still make use of their wonderful ID sheets to identify your garden birds. These two fellas were in my garden yesterday!

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder
Irish Garden Birds in English
Irish Garden Birds as Gaeilge

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